Sometimes, you're right and you don't even know it.

My friend Gayle let me borrow a commercially-made apple core template. I made a pair of templates for myself from the plastic you can cut with scissors.

I began hand piecing. Why is this not going right? I quickly lost interest in the project. It sat, a lonely UFO...

One day, I came across the stalled project. I decided to check my templates. Fortunately, I had made two. The answer was immediately apparent. They don't fit together properly at all! No wonder I seemed to think something was wrong.

Lesson Learned: Check out all your measurements and templates carefully before you begin work. I'm going to design a few different sizes of apple core templates for myself, and I'll know that they're the right shape.


  1. I do so hope that the second time of trying goes much better for you!! Love your fabrics!!

    1. Oh, it will! I'm good with numbers and template making. It will be so much easier to piece when the shapes fit together properly!


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