A Tisket, A Tasket - March

The March hare and trifoliate leaves graced the March block of this BOM. The original pattern had three leaves and five petals - that seems to suggest Oxalis, or wood sorrel. But don't bunnies eat clover? That would be Trifolium, and a cluster of tiny, zygomorphic flowers to be botanically correct. Sorry, I'm such a botany nerd that I have a hard time making fanciful, unrealistic plants even in my quilts.

I decided to chain stitch the stems with all six strands of embroidery floss for maximum impact. But that also made the fabric curl just a tiny bit. I don't use a hoop. I usually embroider (and often hand quilt) without a hoop. Everything was flatter after a good pressing.

This was when I learned that my freezer paper technique is capable of making tiny, accurate circles. The bunny's tail was a little bigger than 1/4" in diameter. Not bad!

Lesson Learned: Doing something that you expect to be difficult might end up being surprisingly easy, if you're using the correct method. Corollary: If it's difficult, you might have to switch techniques.

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