A Tisket, A Tasket - April

The April block of the Bunny Hill BOM featured a chocolate Easter bunny, a chick and Easter eggs. This block was fairly straightforward, and I even found a nifty basket weave print that worked well with the other colors in that month's design.

I decided that French knots were too floppy for eyes, so this time I tried a very small satin stitch circle for each of the eyes. Success! Until I rinsed the blocks. That's when the navy blue embroidery floss ran. Darn! It had been given to me by friends, left over from tying a quilt. My frugal nature made me want to use this floss, but after I realized that the dye was running, I tried to get as much running dye out of my applique block as possible and pitched the rest of that horrid stuff.

Lesson Learned: Cheap embroidery floss will only break your heart. Don't mess with it.


  1. Oh, too bad about the floss, I hope you can find a way to remove the stains :( But it's fun to see that this BOM is still alive, it's one of my all time favorite quilts.

    1. Thanks for visiting me at my new blog, Diane! Your encouragement helped me get started.


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